Expand your living space into the outdoors with a beautiful new patio, outdoor kitchen or built in fire pit. Hardscaping can transform a regular yard into a beautiful and functional outdoor room to be enjoyed by the whole family. Whether you want a patio where you can sit in the sun and relax, a pergola to dine under, a paver walkway, large retaining walls or a small sitting wall we can help you achieve the beautiful and functional space you’ve always wanted.

Hardscapes can be natural stone such as boulder walls or flagstone walkways, manufactured stone such as pavers or segmental retaining walls, or pergolas and outdoor kitchens and bars. Whatever your hardscape needs Weesies can help you design and install the perfect structure for your space.

  • Muskegon Paver Patio
  • Muskegon Patio and Landscape
  • Muskegon Patio and Fire Pit
  • Muskegon Gas Fire Pit
  • Rosetta Retaining Walls & Landscaping
  • Poolside Landscape & Rosetta Wall
  • Poolside Landscape & Rosetta Wall
  • Poolside Landscape
  • Rosetta Outcropping Retaining Wall


  • Lake Michigan Landscaping
  • Lake Michigan Sandstone Steps
  • Lake Michigan Landscaping and Steps
  • Lake Michigan Boulder Walls
  • Lake Michigan Boulder Walls
  • Lake Michigan Natural Stone Steps
  • Pentwater Lake Paver Project
  • Pentwater Paver Project
  • Paver Walkway


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